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Adults Only / 14+

Due to the small-scale nature of our resort, we have opted for an ''Adults Only'' concept. Children from 14 years old are very welcome!

Our guests are very diverse, but what they have in common is that they don't feel like ther ''people children'' for a while. Our target group is therefore very diverse; young people studying, partners without children, partners expecting, LGBTQ+, adults with children aged 14+, friends, the elderly, etc.  Our resort is an oasis of tranquility with rustling palm trees and chirping birds. There is enough privacy, but often experiences of the day are exchanged in the afternoon, which is inspiration for others for the next day.



Relax in our lovely Magnesium swimming pool. Magnesium is healthy for the skin and muscles and is absorbed into the body through the skin faster than by means of tablets. 



Enjoy your surroundings in the garden, a glass of wine, a book or a good conversation. The purpose of your holiday is usually to relax.

That's possible with us....ENJOY!

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